What We Believe

    We Believe

    We believe first and foremost in the transformative power of Jesus Christ. We live out this transformation in our private and corporate lives. As one of our hymns says, "As Christ breaks bread and bids us, 'Share,' each proud division ends. That Love that made us makes us one, and strangers now are friends." There is a depth to the faith can never be conveyed adequately on a website, but only by the faithful living of each member. While you might leave here with more questions than answers, know that your questions are welcome. If you really want to experience and learn what we believe, come and join us for Sunday's service or take advantage of the classes we offer for a deep dive into everything faith in Christ has to offer.

    We believe that God is the creator of the Heavens and the earth. That God is one God in three persons: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ is the incarnation of The Son, that in him the fullness of God and the fullness of humanity dwell in perfect harmony. We hold that the Council of Chalcedon (451, AD) is true, that Christ exists with two natures (Divine and Human) in one person. We believe that Jesus lived and died and was raised from death by God and that by his life, death and resurrection, he has defeated death and made the whole creation new. We believe that Christ ascended to the right hand of the Father where he lives and reigns with the Father and The Holy Spirit as the King of the Universe. We believe that he will come again in glory and triumph, that the dead will be raised, that death will be put to death once and for all, that Justice will be done, and that all of creation will exist in perfect harmony with itself and its creator.

    We believe in the power of prayer, the bond of community, the strength of faith, the joy of love and the duty of service. We follow the Great Commandment to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We follow Christ's new commandment to love one another as he has loved us. We know that we fail from time to time, but we have vowed to repent at each failure and to turn back to Christ as we put all of our trust in him. For a fuller examination of our beliefs, see our Catechism in the Book of Common Prayer.

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    We believe that in Baptism we are "buried with Christ" as St. Paul says, that our sins are washed away, that we receive the grace of the Holy Spirit and become members of Christ's body, the Church. We believe that the Eucharist is the real presence of Christ, that the elements of bread and wine become for us his body and blood, and that we are given grace to face the troubles of the world around us with hope and love. The sacrament of Baptism is open to all people. Baptisms are normally administered on four feast days and the Bishop's annual visit. Those feast days are The Baptism of our Lord, The Easter Vigil, The Feast of Pentecost and The Feast of All Saints. The dates change depending on the year, but All Saints is always November 1. Infants are baptized in this Church. Those interested in receiving the sacrament of Baptism should speak with the Rector. We do not practice "Re-Baptism," and we hold that there is but one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins. Those interested in renewing their faith in Christ should ask the Rector about Confirmation or the Renewal of Baptism Vows.

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    We believe that marriage is a sacrament instituted by God for the mutual joy of the couple and that each marriage is to be respected by all people. We believe that marriage is open regardless of the couple's gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation or race. We will solemnize interfaith marriages so long as one member of the couple is a Baptized Christian. We believe that there is life after divorce, and divorced couples are welcome to apply for marriage in this parish.

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